Taylor Swift Is Turning It Upside Down On Ticketmaster

The industry has stepped up to cover the gap Ticketmaster left when it couldn’t handle Taylor Swift ticket sales. It’s supposed to be the big company on the block but its business practices shined a light on what was going on and what needed changed.

Ticketmaster had become a monopoly and that’s never good. That leads a company to change policies and procedures so that it can continue to dominate the market. When that happens, it makes it hard for any other company to rise up and compete. In this world, that’s not a good thing. We need healthy competition to drive costs and quality in the right direction.

When stans can get Taylor Swift tickets, that was the wrong move Ticketmaster didn’t want to make. They didn’t want that to happen at all because that would lead to exposing what Ticketmaster was doing. They could have held onto their control if they wouldn’t have upset so many Swifties. Get those fans mad and you have serious problems.

How powerful is Taylor Swift? Or the Swifties nation, for that matter?

Well actually, it’s a thing called opportunity. When a company gets too big to compete against, all it takes is a moment when something goes wrong. If other companies can position themselves to be in the right place at the right time, they can capitalize on that and rise up fast.

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AMC Theaters was able to do that. They’ve been in business for a long time and knew how to make Swifties happy, which in turn makes Taylor Swift happy and that’s how the industry works.

One company’s faux pas is another company’s opportunity. I can only imagine the scrambling going on behind closed doors at Ticketmaster. I guarantee the damage is more than a bunch of screaming girls throwing a tantrum.

Not to be confused with Ticketmaster, TicketNetwork is a great place to buy tickets as well. They’ve been in the business for a while and know how to handle ticket sales. In fact, they just might be the one to jump up and fill the void that the other company left behind when it gave all the Taylor Swift fans PTSD.

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