Adele Gave Miley Cyrus Praise And Tried Beyonce Challenge

Adele was very gracious last night when she mentioned Miley Cyrus during her Weekends With Adele Las Vegas Residency. She also tried a Beyonce thing, but that didn’t turn out as planned.

By now, you know that Miley Cyrus has released her latest hit, “Used To Be Young.” It is trending at No. 2 on YouTube as well as hitting No. 2 on Spotify. It’s a good song that is as honest as it gets when she looks back on her life with no regrets. Yes, she was wild. She admits it. But, she was young and that’s a good excuse to do the living before the age and common sense take over.

It appears that Adele simply adores Miley Cyrus and can’t get enough of her song. When she sat at her piano last night and told the audience that, it was high praise coming from the “Easy on Me” singer. Of course, Miley caught wind of it and blew the praise right back at her.

There is such cross-admiration going on here that it’s enough to make fans want to put down everything they’re doing at the moment and listen to everything these two have ever recorded. Can we say they should record one together? I think we can.

Another great moment occurred during the performance when Adele thought she would give something a try. During her Renaissance World Tour, Beyonce asks the audience to be quiet after she finishes singing, “Look around, everyone on mute” during “Energy.”

It’s hard to do, especially when it’s an audience of screaming and adoring fans. But Beyonce’s fans know how to do it. Adele’s don’t have it down quite right yet. In fact, she might not try it again after this failed attempt that turned out to be absolutely hilarious.

I know you can do it, Adele fans. You just need a little more practice.

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