Meme Legends And What Happened To Them

Since the first time some internet guru came up with the word meme, we’ve been enjoying a comical range. These guys became internet famous fast, and some memes from back in the day are still going because they have so much going for them.

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But a meme can also be too much for someone. It depends on who they are. Celebrities want the spotlight and fight to get into it. But some of them even burn out after getting hit by paparazzi every day and always having a camera on them everywhere they go. The difference is they wanted it, and they got it, then it became too much.

Most memes are completely by accident. Someone snaps a picture. Someone on the internet makes a joke, and a new star is born. Everyone chimes in with their own brand of humor, and the meme goes viral. That’s what happened to all these memes.

Some of these guys played into it and had fun with it. It came with great benefits, like a good bit of money, as you’ll soon find out. The growing trend was to put their meme into an NFT, and they would auction off for phenomenal amounts.

But others found that the quick celebrity status was too much to handle. Plus, the meme might not have put them in a good light to begin with. That’s a stigma that is hard to shake. Think about it! Millions of people know a person by a meme that might call them a scumbag or a creepy dude when the simple fact is they were just caught off guard.

Learn more about the real people behind your favorite memes. It’s always interesting to find out years later where they are, what they’re doing in life, and what they look like now. These people did their research.

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