Snoop Dogg Narrating Animal Videos Is What’s Good

Snoop Dogg can do just about anything, and it’ll be entertaining. He’s not just a rapper anymore but also a TV personality, entrepreneur, and game icon.

Imagine watching a video about animals and getting so into it that you start talking to yourself about what’s happening. The predicament they find themselves in. The way they could get out of it. It’s like you are your own commentator, and the show gets more exciting the more you get into it.

That’s the trip Snoop Dogg takes us on. It’s like he’s in his own world watching the clip. But he’s letting us in on what he’s watching and the things he says has viewers in stitches. This one is about a lizard getting chased by snakes and Snoop has his back.

He can’t figure out what these animals are, beaver or mongoose. But they’re going against a crocodile and that’s no joke. How this one plays out is shocking but put Snoop Dogg on the commentary and it just gets that much better.

It appears these might be otters and that makes it even funnier.

When he starts talking about how these monkeys are walking, he’s got it down. You’ll know when you see it. It’s like someone’s mother having to walk outside in her barefoot trying to get something and getting her feet wet. What are some of the things she would be saying? Watch this. It’s hilarious.

Let’s take a flashback to the 80s when Doug E Fresh’s “La Di Da Di” was killing it. Teenagers across the land were memorizing the words and singing them to each other. Only this time, it’s Snoop Dogg and he’s singing it to us.

Snoop Dogg has gone beyond being a recording artist. He has acquired Death Row Records, and the word on the street is he’s going to make it into an NFT label. That’s pretty wild. With all his touring and music business keeping him busy, I just hope he keeps having fun with videos.

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