Mother Hires Barbie For Birthday Party And Gets Barbie Stripper

With Barbie breaking records and taking names at the box office, the toy has been given a new life. So when a mother wanted to hire a Barbie character for her daughter’s birthday, she was surprised when a Barbie Stripper actually came knocking on her door.

Barbie’s reputation was going downhill, and it had been for a long time. Mattel was doing everything in its power to keep the franchise alive. They started making diverse dolls. So diverse that there was even a pregnant Barbie that eventually was pulled from the shelves over controversy that the doll was promoting teenage motherhood.

There’s a Barbie in a wheelchair and one with a prosthetic leg in addition to all the skin tones that are available. Barbie has tried over the years to prove that it isn’t a one-dimensional corporation that is tone-deaf to the wants and needs of children all over the world. They’ve had to fight pretty hard to rise above the criticism.

At least that was until Greta Gerwig’s film hit the theaters just last month. Barbie has reportedly raked in over one billion in box office receipts, and it’s just going to keep on going. With its growing popularity, there is hilarity in this story about a mother who simply wanted to have Barbie at her daughter’s birthday party and a Barbie Stripper answered the call.

The story doesn’t end there. Julia wants to show proof, and it would probably be a good thing if the Barbie Stripper actually put out a video claiming she was the one. This is her chance to watch her business explode. She might even get a film career out of it because Barbie 2 just wouldn’t be the same at this point without a Barbie Stripper.

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It’s cool that she took the job in stride and played along for the kids. That’s a class act. Now, if we only knew who she actually is.

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