US Customs Finds Giraffe Poop For Interesting Reason

US Customs has seen some things I’m sure. They’ve found weapons and concoctions of all kinds but I’m also a little sure that they’ve never seen giraffe poop come through.

Well, it happened. A lady brought the unique feces through US Customs at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport. The reason is she wanted to make a necklace out of it and this isn’t her first time doing something like this.

AP News didn’t divulge the name of the lady but they report that she has made a necklace out of moose poop before and that’s what she wanted to do. The US Customs agents had to destroy it though because even though the lady declared it in Kenya before leaving, which is where she was visiting when she found the poop, she didn’t get a proper permit or have it investigated.

Whose job is that? Can you imagine dreaming your whole life of becoming a US Customs agent and finally getting the job to find out one day that you have to investigate giraffe poop?

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How do you investigate giraffe poop? Do you crush it in your hands, smell it, go through it looking for stuff?

Okay, I joke a little. But what Customs and Border Protection’s Chicago field Director LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke said, “There is a real danger with bringing fecal matter into the U.S. If this person had entered the U.S. and had not declared these items, there is high possibility a person could have contracted a disease from this jewelry and developed serious health issues.”

Several different diseases were named and that’s a serious matter, obviously. We’re not trying to go through any more crazy stuff like COVID.

What I found interesting doing my research for this article is how much people like giraffe poop. I never knew that was a thing. There are pictures across the internet and videos all over the place. People are fascinated with the stuff.

That just goes to show you how weird we all are. So, do you because chances are there is someone out there who is weirder than you.

By the way, the news story below covers several stories before it gets to the giraffe poop declaration. I think you’ll find them all interesting. So, don’t be afraid to click play.

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